Tempers Flare At 49ers Training Camp After Brandon Aiyuk And Fred Warner Square Up

49ers Training Camp Heats Up After Brandon Aiyuk And Fred Warner Fight

Getty Image / Michael Zagaris

Sometimes fights happen in training camp but for the San Francisco 49ers, things got a little out of hand on Tuesday. Apparently, there has been some turmoil between the offense and defense, specifically Brandon Aiyuk and Fred Warner. The coaching staff will likely handle the situation, but it’s been a crazy day for this franchise.

Brandon Aiyuk And Fred Warner At Odds In 49ers Training Camp

According to David Lombardi, Aiyuk and Warner have been butting heads since training camp kicked off. The 49ers receiver claims that his defensive teammate has been “annoying” and “irritating,” which seems to have built up this fight on Tuesday. However, Fred Warner claims everything he is doing is strictly for motivating his teammates.

All of that escalated on Tuesday though, as both Brandon Aiyuk and Fred Warner legitimately squared up, per Nick Wagoner. After Warner delivered a hard hit on Marcus Johnson, Aiyuk jumped into action to back up his teammate. From there, everything spilled over into a commotion, as both the offense and defense went at it.

Hopefully, everything cools down so the 49ers can get back to practicing. They have a long season ahead and any turmoil could abrupt their playoff chances.

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