Nuggets Troll 76ers For Deleting A Tweet About Nikola Jokic That Did Not Age Very Well

Nuggets Troll 76ers For Deleting Nikola Jokic Tweet That Aged Poorly

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  • The 76ers pulled a cowardly move after its attempt to troll Nikola Jokic backfired
  • The team deleted a tweet that backfired after the Nuggets walked away with a win on Monday
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Monday night’s matchup between the 76ers and the Nuggets had plenty of promise, as it featured two playoff-bound teams with virtually identical records and a showdown between the two men currently attempting to edge each other out as the NBA’s MVP race nears the final stretch.

Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid headed into the night as the odds-on favorite to take home that prize when everything is said and done, but most sportsbooks didn’t have Denver’s Nikola Jokic trailing too far behind. The contest certainly lived up to the hype, as both men did what we’ve come to expect them to do by now over the course of a back-and-forth battle that ultimately ended with Denver walking away with a 114-110 victory.

The 76ers seemed to have a pretty good handle on the game until things fell apart in the fourth quarter, and Philly’s social media squad couldn’t help itself from trolling Jokic in the third after it posted a video of Embiid hitting a shot with the caption “simple math: 21>15” (a reference to their jersey numbers).

76ers Embiid Jokic Deleted Tweet

Why did I include a screenshot of that tweet instead of simply embedding it? Well, it’s hard to embed a tweet that’s been deleted by the cowards who originally posted it, which is what the 76ers did after the game failed to pan out as they’d envisioned (based on the stat line, Embiid arguably had the better night of the two, but that’s beside the point).

Unfortunately, the 76ers forgot one very important thing about the internet: it never forgets—and the Nuggets were there to make sure it was remembered for posterity.

Say what you will about the equally ill-advised tweet James Harden sent out earlier on Monday, but at least he had the courage to keep it up.

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