This 94-Year-Old Hockey Player Proves That Age Is Nothing But A Number

by 4 years ago

CBS Minnesota

During a bachelor party this weekend, I found myself inside one of those giant, plastic bubbles playing bubble soccer, sweating my balls off while running around in 90-plus-degree heat and getting decked by other dudes who were doing the same.

Was it fun? Obviously. Does my buddy fucking hate me this morning for it, though? You bet your ass it does.

At 30 years old, even as a hardcore runner, my athletic skills and recovery time aren’t exactly what they used to be, with some wear-and-tear on muscles I never even knew I had.

One guy who doesn’t seem to have the same aches and pains, though, is 94-year-old Mark Sertich, who actually still laces up his skates and hits the ice every single week in Duluth, Mn., proving that he’s both a genetic freak and a complete badass—especially when compared to me.

Playing hockey his entire life—except for when he served in World War II under General Patton’s Third Army—Sertich refuses to drop his stick just because he’s working towards triple digits in age.

And I thought Gordie Howe playing in the NHL until he was 51 was impressive. How silly am I?

Proving that he might just be the bionic man, Sertich also finished his first marathon at the age of 59 (completing five more since) and starts his day with pushups and sit-ups, making me really believe that this dude is a fucking superhero or something.

So what type of advice does this 94-year-old have for you or me—especially after a night out on the town where our hangover is just deadly?

“I say that most important step is the first one out the door. Even when you don’t feel like doing it, you make up your mind to do it because once you get out there, you’re okay.”

Look, I don’t know if living by that motto will lead to me playing a sport at 94 years old, but if it saves me from being a bum and sitting on the couch, it seems solid.

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