Aaron Gordon Taught One Of His Campers The Importance Of Losing By Breaking His Ankles And Dunking On Him

There are four numbers every man has to always keep track of in order to lead a successful life:

  1. How many women he’s slept with
  2. How many of said women would be willing to sleep with him again
  3. How many times he’s lost
  4. How many times he’s succeeded at something because of one of those loses

That’s it. Everything else will be sorted out in the details. The problem is, most guys lie about numbers one and two. Naturally, of course, but still lie. So let’s focus on number three here, today. Namely on the loss this kid took when he tried to go one-on-one against Aaron Gordon.

The funniest part of all this is that this isn’t the first time Gordon’s done this. I’m going to be real. I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid becomes the best defensive basketball player of all time. He took a fucking L. If this was the Wild West, they’d take him out back and brand an L into his face, so he’d never forget this day. Really, that’s the only natural next step in the fight against the ‘everyone wins’ PC culture. Start branding kids in the face with everything they’ve ever done wrong. They’ll never be able to look themselves in the mirror until they let everyone know that they’ve remedied they’re failure in such a spectacular way, no one will ever forget.

[h/t Busted Coverage]