Newly Released Prison Records Reveal Aaron Hernandez Threatened To Shoot And Kill A Prison Guard And His Family

On Thursday, 104 pages of Aaron Hernandez prison records were released to NBC News that include new details about Hernandez’s long history of discipline during his stay at the Bristol County Jail. In the records, there is plenty of stories of Hernandez making threats at Prison guards who would write him up for bad behavior.

Via Raw Story

During one incident, Hernandez reportedly threatened a prison staff member and his family after the individual denied to comply with his requests for extra rations. In a November 2013 formal discipline report, officer Matt Bower wrote that he denied Hernandez extra meals, at which point the former athlete allegedly became “verbally aggressive and stated multiple times that when he gets out of jail he is going to shoot me and kill my family.” He then began making a noise that “sounded like a machine gun.”

In a separate incident report filed the same month, a corrections officer wrote that Hernandez displayed a pattern of aggressive behaviors, particularly when he was denied amenities. When the officer confiscated toothpaste and “fishing line” — which were used to pass notes between inmates — in the former athlete’s possession, Hernandez reportedly became agitated.

“I spoke with inmate Hernandez about his aggressive tone and informed him that over the past few weeks it has become an excessive habit when he does not receive what he wants, when he wants it,” officer Joshua Pacheco wrote in the report. “He is constantly kicking his cell door and screaming at the top of his lungs utilizing profanity at times when he wants something, regardless of how minuscule it is.”

Hernandez was again written in 2014 for threatening jail staff, this time for allegedly claiming that he dreamt of “chasing” the corrections officer and his family.

“Upon exiting his cell, I/M Hernandez approached this officer to tell me about a dream he had last night,” Pacheco wrote. “He states that he dreamt that his upcoming visitation with his daughter was cancelled due to me issuing him a Formal Disciplinary Report for his actions following the ED United shakedown conducted on Saturday, 28 June. He then stated that his dream ‘changed locations’ and stated passive aggressively that my family and I were on vacation and he was ‘chasing me.’ At this point, he stated that his dream ended.”

Aaron Hernandez seemed like an absolute nightmare to deal with.