Aaron Judge Signed With The San Francisco Giants According To Reports, But Then He Didn’t…

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Aaron Judge an all-time great season for the New York Yankees in 2022. The gargantuan right field hit .311 with an American League record 62 home runs and 131 RBIs to go along with 133 runs scored.

His pursuit of Roger Maris’ AL home run record captivated the sports world and angered college football fans. It appeared briefly the storybook season will be Judge’s last in pinstripes.

New York Post baseball columnist Jon Heyman reported that Judge had signed for the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday evening, setting the sports world ablaze.

There’s only one problem. It appears that Heyman may have made the call a little bit too early.

Just about everybody’s who’s anybody in the baseball world is currently in San Diego for the annual Major League Baseball winter meetings. So it’s likely that Heyman had good reason to believe that Judge had agreed to a deal. But it will instead go down as an all-time botched call, especially if the AL MVP opts to stay in New York.

Twitter showed no mercy for Heyman after the mistake.

Though it appears the hilarious typo may have allowed him to salvage just a shred of his reputation.

Remember, kids, it’s better to be right than to be first.