Aaron Rodgers Celebrated Wisconsin’s Victory, Took an Incredible Photo With Bo Ryan

It’s hard to tell if the Wisconsin Badgers were more excited about trouncing Baylor to advance to the Elite 8 or getting to meet Aaron Rodgers. Actually, no it’s not. Bo Ryan’s gang was way more into meeting the state’s No. 1 celebrity than some silly on-court victory.

“I ran back to him and gave him a little hug,” Gasser said. “I don’t know why. I was able to talk to him here in the locker room a little bit. It was a fun moment. Kind of overshadows the win, though, a little bit.”

Gasser, of course, was only kidding.

“He didn’€™t want to overshadow anything,” Gasser said. “I think we were kind of staring at him, so he was probably uncomfortable.”

Judging by this video, the Green Bay Packers quarterback was more complimentary of the Badgers’ performance than he was of Andy Bernard’s karaoke.

[H/T: BTN]