Sports Bettors Have Lost Their Minds Thanks To The Aaron Rodgers-Jets Rumors

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

Rumors are flying hot off the press after the New York Jets traveled to California to talk with Aaron Rodgers.

There has yet to be any breaking news in terms of a trade coming to fruition, however, all signs are kind of pointing in that direction.

At least that’s how sports bettors feel, as it sounds like the Jets are becoming a heavy betting favorite to win the Super Bowl next season. Even though they haven’t acquired Aaron Rodgers.

According to the Action Network, “the bets came in fast and furious on Tuesday and, by Wednesday morning, no team had more bets or money on it — at least at one sportsbook — than the New York Jets.”

One sports book, “had the Jets at 30/1 to win the Super Bowl. After a flurry of bets on Tuesday, that went down to 16/1. By Wednesday morning, the Jets ranked first in bet count (12.4 percent) and first in handle (18.5 percent) of the Super Bowl futures pool,” per the Action Network.

You can’t deny that Aaron Rodgers would make New York substantially better. However, he’s not on the team! A trade has to be made first. And as of this writing, Rodgers is still on the Green Bay Packers.

You can’t really blame the sports bettors though. They’re obviously placing their bets now with the anticipation the Jets pull off the trade.

What makes this ironic though, is that it’s been decades since New York has won a Super Bowl. But now they’re the most bet on team to win the championship? All thanks to some rumors? That’s bonkers no matter how you look at it.

So, hopefully, for these bettors’ sake, Aaron Rodgers gets traded to the Jets. If not, well, it should be an interesting season for New York.