Jets See Super Bowl Odds Spike After Simply Talking To Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets helmet

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There aren’t many NFL players who’ve managed to attract more attention over the course of the current offseason than Aaron Rodgers.

The quarterback has kept his plans for his future fairly close to his chest since emerging from the four-day darkness retreat he says he embarked on in order to try to clear his mind while trying to figure out what the next chapter of his career will look like.

In February, the Jets showed their hand when their GM admitted Rodgers was one of their top targets, and things took a very interesting turn when New York found itself out of the running for another primary QB option after the Saints signed Derek Carr to a four-year deal on Monday.

That development led to the Packers (who are reportedly over Rodgers’ shenanigans) granting New York permission to chat with the quarterback on Monday. While it appears there’s plenty of work to do before a potential deal is finalized, that was a fairly significant development that implies the two franchises may have something in the works.

With that said, it seems like there’s still plenty of work to be done before a trade is announced.

There’s also little doubt Rodgers would be a significant upgrade over Zach Wilson and Mike White, but the Jets would still have a fair amount of work to do when it comes to making a drastic leap forward following last year’s 7-10 campaign.

With that said, it seems like some bettors are already convinced Rodgers could be the man who helps the team turn things around, as John Ewing of BetMGM notes the Jets saw their Super Bowl odds rise from +2500 on Monday to +1800 on Tuesday after simply starting a dialogue with Rodgers.

When you consider the Jets haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl since 1968, I can’t say I’d be scrambling to hop aboard that particular bandwagon, but hey, maybe this will be the year.