New Rumors Suggest Packers Don’t Want Aaron Rodgers To Return To Green Bay

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

All eyes have been on the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers since the 2022 season came to an end.

Well, the latest rumors suggest the team is ready to move on.

During a segment on The Rich Eisen Show, the popular host claims he heard plenty of rumblings at the combine regarding the Packers and Rodgers.

He goes over the top five rumors he heard over the weekend. He begins talking about Rodgers and the Packers at the 4:55 minute mark of the video.

It’s notable that Eisen claims he heard this rumor “over and over again” at the combine. Additionally, he makes it very clear that this is strictly a rumor, as Rodgers has claimed that no reporter knows what’s going on when it comes to him.

So, take this rumor as you see fit. The Packers could genuinely be hoping for Aaron Rodgers to either retire or ask for a trade. It would make sense considering Green Bay would finally be able to move on and build a roster around Jordan Love.

On the other hand, nothing is set in stone until Rodgers says so. For that reason, the Packers are basically stuck in limbo until he makes a final decision.

This is an incredibly interesting situation as these rumors kind of make Green Bay look a bit odd. It’s almost like they don’t have the galls to make a decision on the roster.

Hopefully, we get some answers soon, as the superstar quarterback has claimed numerous times he doesn’t want to elongate his decision this offseason. Also, it sounds like the Packers would appreciate an answer too.

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