Aaron Rodgers’ Social Media Antics Spark Jets Trade Speculation For Another Packers Star

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Diamond Images

The New York Jets have made big improvements to the roster this offseason but the offensive line is still a glaring weakness.

With that in mind, Aaron Rodgers sparked trade speculation in a recent social media post, as he could be hinting for his team to trade for another Green Bay Packers star.

On Get Up, Mike Greenberg basically put on the tinfoil hat while deciphering Rodgers’ post on his Instagram story.

In the post, the Jets quarterback showed support to his former teammate Davante Adams and his new teammate Garrett Wilson. But apparently, he secretly tagged Packers star David Bakhtiari as well.

Watch Greenberg go into full conspiracy theory mode while observing Aaron Rodgers’ social media post.

I mean, the argument does make sense. The Jets have some major issues on the offensive line and as Harry Douglas points out, pretty much everything Rodgers does is on purpose.

When it comes down to it, Aaron Rodgers and the Jets would probably love a trade for David Bakhtiari. Especially if they can acquire him on a relatively good deal.

But why in the world would Green Bay trade their starting left tackle? Especially when they’re in the process of moving on from Rodgers.

Jordan Love needs protection as well. Especially now that he’s under center and trying to prove he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Nonetheless, there may be some legitimacy behind it the trade speculation. According to Armando Salguero of OutKick, “Rodgers has privately mentioned Bakhtiari as a possible Jets addition. That has included to Bakhtiari himself.”

With that said, Aaron Rodgers basically became the Jets general manager since before he joined the team, so generating a trade for David Bakhtiari isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

Depending on how the season plays out for the Jets and Packers, maybe the two teams reach an agreement before the trade deadline. As far fetched of an idea it might be, it’s certainly not something we can rule out.