Aaron Rodgers Pulls Off Late Night Troll Job As Everybody Grows Tired Of His Antics

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Jed Jacobsohn

NFL free agency is underway but the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers haven’t been able to make many moves.

The reason being Aaron Rodgers hasn’t made up his mind yet. Things took a turn Monday night though after the star quarterback trolled the NFL world.

Completely out of nowhere, Rodgers sent a tweet at 10:43 pm Eastern that generated a ton of buzz. Here is the tweet in question.

Yup. That’s it. Apparently, that is all that’s on Aaron Rodgers’ mind.

Now, there’s a chance that Rasul Douglas, a Packers teammate, is the one that tweeted that from Rodgers’ phone. At least he tries to claim it was him.

I’m not entirely sure how this is even remotely close to being funny. Maybe it’s an inside joke being made public? Or perhaps Aaron Rodgers has a weird sense of humor.

Either way, people are really getting tired of his antics, as both the Packers and Jets wait for his decision.

With that said, football fans everywhere couldn’t help but react to Aaron Rodgers’ trollish tweet with a lot less laughs.

This Rodgers super fan is over it.

Love me a good conspiracy theory.

What has this world come to?

Hopefully, an answer comes to light soon. Because football fans are growing tired of this whole situation.