Jets Reportedly Trying To Sign Allen Lazard And Fans Are Connecting The Dots

Jets helmets

Getty Image / Rich Schultz

Nobody is sure what is going on with Aaron Rodgers but speculation is at an all-time high, as many believe he’ll be traded to the New York Jets.

Especially now after reports surface of the front office pursuing one of Rodgers’ teammates on the Green Bay Packers.

According to Adam Schefter, the Jets are currently trying to sign veteran wide receiver Allan Lazard. He’s been a favorite pass option for Aaron Rodgers over the years. So it’s easy for fans to make the connection.

With that said, Lazard might not be the only Packers player New York is pursuing, as Pro Football Reference claims, “Rodgers is involved in trying to persuade one or more free agents to join the Jets.”

This is a wild situation that’s only getting crazier. And it will continue to escalate until Aaron Rodgers makes his decision. In the end, fans can’t help but connect all of the dots.

Doesn’t New York have enough wide receivers already?

Lazard might just be following his quarterback.

Hopefully, an official announcement is made soon because I don’t know how much longer Jets fans can put up with this stuff.