NFL Fans Roast Trey Wingo After His Latest Aaron Rodgers Tweet Gets Shut Down

NFL analyst Trey Wingo

Getty Image / Charley Gallay

Aaron Rodgers buzz is at an all-time high as rumors continue to suggest the New York Jets are aiming to make a trade for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

However, it sounds like Trey Wingo tried jumping the gun a bit early now NFL fans are roasting him for it.

Here is Wingo’s initial tweet, as he makes it sounds like a trade is essentially being finalized.

However, shortly after sending that tweet, NFL analyst Ian Rapoport shut it down.

Trey Wingo’s report was incredibly short-lived. For that reason, NFL fans alike piled on and roasted him for it.

Barstool Sports with the old-school Call of Duty clip.

Oh boy.

This photoshop is about as legit as Trey Wingo’s report.

Shooter McGavin from downtown!

Rapoport shut it down so fast.

Hey, we just hope something happens in the near future. With that said, NFL fans are letting Trey Wingo have it and aren’t letting up.

Even so, pretty much everybody is on the edge of their seat waiting for the official news to drop.