Social Media Reacts Hilariously To Aaron Rodgers’s First Tattoo

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  • Aaron Rodgers recently got his first tattoo
  • He posted a picture of the new ink on social media
  • The sports world is reacting, and they’re not quite sure what it means

Aaron Rodgers got some new ink this week, and he’s posted the tattoo on social media.

The new tat shows two lions facing one another from across some sort of geometric sign you’d see in an astronomy textbook. Above the lions appears to be the Eye of Providence. Below the lions is the open sea.

While I’m sure there is some sort of meaning behind the new art, it’s not been made abundantly clear to followers on social media. Rodgers’s new girlfriend, Blu, might say she’s not a witch, but this latest development has many skeptical.

Is Rodgers now turning into a conspiracy theory chasing hippie? Has he fallen into some secret underground society? Robert Langdon might be able to weigh in.

Or maybe Rodgers just watched a little too much of the Kyrie Irving free agency saga this offseason.

In either case, the new ink has many reacting on social media.

The sports world reacts to Aaron Rodgers’s new tattoo

Fans and media are reacting to the tattoo on Twitter. No one’s quite sure what it means.

What was the inspiration behind the design? Does his new love interest have something to do with it? Social media is debating these things and more.

Someone has to bring this up in an interview. The world needs answers!

Rodgers hopes the addition shows him the way to the Super Bowl in 2022. The reigning MVP will try to take home the Lombardi Trophy in the upcoming campaign.