Aaron Rodgers Latest Update Indicates A Trade Is Much More Complicated Than We Think

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

Everybody is basically on the edge of their seat as Aaron Rodgers is due to make an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Hopefully, he announces his decision and many are speculating he will choose to play for the New York Jets.

Even if that’s the case, a trade would still have to be finalized. With that said, recent reports suggest an Aaron Rodgers trade is much more complicated than we think.

According to Adam Schefter, there are a ton of moving parts involved when it comes to Rodgers.

There seem to be two factors being glossed over. First, the Jets would have to negotiate a restructured contract with Aaron Rodgers. Second, it sounds like the Green Bay Packers are wanting a bigger return than previously reported.

With the Packers reportedly seeking a Matthew Stafford-type of package, the Jets could find themselves in trade talks for longer than they had hoped.

So, if Aaron Rodgers were to choose the Jets, it could still be a few weeks before a trade is actually finalized.

For the sake of Jets fans and Packers fans, let’s hope this thing happens sooner, rather than later. Look for the NFL world to be buzzing like crazy once Rodgers joins Pat McAfee on his show.