Jets, Packers Reportedly In Standoff Over Aaron Rodgers Trade Despite Previous Word That Compensation Had Been Agreed To

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

Aaron Rodgers currently has the NFL world on pins and needles. And that’s exactly how he likes it.

Not only is the 39-year-old the center of attention — his favorite thing to be — in the sports world this week but he’s currently holding not one, but TWO NFL franchises hostage as he mulls over his playing future for the third consecutive month.

While reports that the Jets have signed wide receiver Allen Lazard are being perceived as a sign that Rodgers is on his way to New York City, the fact remains that a trade between the Jets and the Packers has yet to become official.

And apparently, the holding pattern between the two Stockholm syndromed franchises is due to a negotiation standoff despite previous reports that compensation had been agreed to.

There’s currently chatter in league circles that the two teams may be caught in a “game of chicken.”

Some believe the Jets are lowballing the Packers. The Packers, in turn, recognize that the Jets need Rodgers, badly. With Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo going elsewhere, the Jets don’t have a viable Plan B — unless they plan to make a run at Lamar Jackson or to try to trade for someone like Matthew Stafford. [via ProFootballTalk]

At the time of this writing, Rodgers has yet to let the NFL world know what his plans on. He did, however, log on to Twitter in the middle of the night to troll everyone, because he’s just that hilarious.

In the days that the Jets have been waiting for Rodgers to make a decision, free agent signal callers such as Derek Carr, Jimmy Garopollo, and Taylor Heinicke have come off the board by signing with other teams.

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