The Jets Are Putting Themselves Through A Lot Of Grief To Not Even Win Their Own Division

Aaron Rodgers celebrates a Packers win.

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Even if the New York Jets *do* acquire future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, what does that actually mean? Has anyone even thought about it yet?

Ask an NFL analyst, and they’ll likely tell you Aaron Rodgers makes the Jets a contender. A contender for what? To break .500? Did anyone watch Aaron Rodgers play last year? It’s the worst he’s looked in a decade.

Are they aware of the fact that the AFC East already boasts two playoff teams in the Bills and the Dolphins, with the third, the Patriots, being helmed by the greatest head coach of all time? Forget about making the Super Bowl — are we sure the Jets would even win their own division?

This is, of course, a situation of their own doing as they allowed Derek Carr to visit New Jersey, reportedly have a wonderful meeting, and then head on down to New Orleans to sign a contract with the Saints, anyway. Carr, by the way, is a 31-year-old Pro Bowler with a fraction of the baggage that Rodgers totes. And although they never met with them, quarterbacks such as Jimmy Garoppolo, Taylor Heinecke, and Mike White have also come off the board.

And that leaves the Jets — the owners of the longest playoff drought in the NFL, having not qualified for the postseason since 2010 — exactly where Aaron Rodgers wants them: without any leverage and in a position where they NEED him. Because without him, it’s back to Zach Wilson. It’s Aaron Rodgers or nothing.

You see, this whole time, reports indicated that the Jets were willing to wait Rodgers out. But it’s been the opposite — Rodgers has been waiting the Jets out, watching their other options fall by the wayside, giving him more power over the team before he even signs with them.

Sounds like way too much trouble just to go 10-7 and lose to the Bengals in the Wild Card round if you ask me.

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