ACC Network Somehow Gets Blamed By Pitt Coach Jeff Capel For Down Year

Jeff Capel blames ACC Network

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The talk of college basketball this season has been how noticeably poor the ACC has been. However, one coach is finding an excuse to run with.

Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Jeff Capel is somehow blaming the ACC Network for the reason everybody is calling it a down year for the conference.

Noah Hiles shares Capel’s full statement explaining his thought process.

So, basically, the Panthers’ head coach is ignoring the stats that prove the conference is having a down year.

How do Capel’s claims hold any merit when the Mountain West Conference is rated higher than the ACC? On top of that, five teams within the conference are ranked 170th and worse.

The ACC Network literally just reports what’s going on in the conference while offering some opinions on certain topics.

On top of that, it’s not like Pitt is even bad this year. His team is ranked third in the ACC currently and is probably going to secure a spot in the March Madness Tournament.

At the end of the day, this conference is very lackluster this season. Maybe the ACC Network would hype up the conference more if the play met expectations.

With that said, look for the conference to potentially get interesting soon. Especially with March Madness right around the corner.