Mick Cronin Offers Spicy Take About Arizona And March Madness

Mick Cronin

Getty Image / Meg Oliphant

March Madness is right around the corner as mock seedings are coming in for one of the most highly anticipated events in sports.

Well, it sounds like UCLA head coach Mick Cronin isn’t too happy with the mock seeding for the upcoming tournament. Arizona catches some strays as he explains why.

According to The LA Times, Cronin believes the conference realignment has everything to do with Arizona being ranked higher than UCLA. Here is Mick Cronin’s statement regarding his issue.

“When we left the Pac-12, it cost a lot of people millions of dollars and there was going to be fallout. I even talked to my old AD, Mike Bohn, about it, and I think it’s a direct result of it.”

The UCLA coach continues by stating, “Now, I’m not going to put the pieces together for you on how that affects that, but comical — if you ask my one-word answer on that ranking? Comical.”

Mick Cronin is welcome to have his opinion on the matter. However, the committee likely chose Arizona over UCLA due to having more quality wins, per Ben Bolch.

“What’s the deal with the Wildcats having the inside track to the Strip? Two words: quality wins. Arizona has more, and the selection committee sent a message Saturday that it clearly values good wins over a lack of bad losses.”

In the end, Mick Cronin and the Bruins will have a shot to overthrow the Arizona Wildcats on March 4. Additionally, at least going deeper in the Pac-12 Tournament would help too.

With that said, keep an eye on UCLA and Arizona, as their rivalry is heating up before the Bruins leave for the Big Ten.