North Florida And Austin Peay Get Into Wild Brawl That Extends To The Locker Room

North Florida plays Austin Peay

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

March Madness is right around the corner so college basketball is on everybody’s minds. However, things got ugly between North Florida and Austin Peay Saturday night.

In the closing minutes of the contest, Austin Peay was making a breakaway to the hoop up one point.

They were clearly going to win the game when one of the players attempted a flashy dunk. However, a player for North Florida didn’t like that at all. So, he took matters into his own hands.

Players on both teams got into a tussle on the court before things settled down. That is until both North Florida and Austin Peay rushed to the locker rooms to continue the brawl.

Watch the craziness for yourself!

Luckily there was security there to try and calm down the situation.

There is no footage of what transpired near the locker rooms. Maybe someone will have that footage released in the coming days.

In the end, this is an incredibly ugly scene. This was supposed to be a big win for Austin Peay, but the brawl with North Florida takes over the spotlight.

Showboating with a dunk designed for the dunk contest probably isn’t the right move either. Just run down the court and hope the time runs out before they foul you.

Either way, we’re sure North Florida and Austin Peay are marking each other down for the next time they play.