Adam Schefter Roasted For His Tweet About The Buccaneers Depth Chart

Adam Schefter

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The NFL season is quickly approaching and teams are beginning to reveal their first official depth charts ahead of their preseason games.

One team everyone is keeping an eye on is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as they have a true quarterback battle going on in camp.

It’s not clear who will win the starting job between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask, so the coaching staff is seemingly giving them each a fair shot.

With that in mind, Rick Stroud shares the first official depth chart for the Buccaneers. As you can see, Tampa Bay is weighing their options at the quarterback position by placing “or” in between Mayfield and Trask.

Using “or” on a depth chart is not a new concept. In fact, it’s extremely common in college football. Especially this early in the preseason.

However, it appears Adam Schefter has never seen it and now everybody, Buccaneers fans included, are roasting him for it.

Schefter took to Twitter, or, claiming he’s never seen a depth chart quite like this.

Now, to be fair, NFL teams don’t typically use the word “or” on their depth charts. But still, it’s not uncommon in the world of football.

Here’s what sports fans everywhere were saying about Adam Schefter’s tweet about the Buccaneers’ depth chart.

I would think he’s seen a depth chart at least once before.

Okay, but the real question is why are you looking at an XFL depth chart?

His life is the NFL.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have done it before.

The accuracy of this tweet.

He needs all the sleep he can get before the season starts.

Maybe Adam Schefter just doesn’t pay that much attention to depth charts. It would make sense considering he covers the news about everything else.

But on the other hand, he’s the face of NFL media for ESPN, so you’d think he’d be more aware of the minor details of a depth chart.