Former NFL Superstar Adrian Peterson Calls Out Damar Hamlin For Committing ‘Blasphemy’ With $3,500 Jacket

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Before Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts went out and stole the show at Super Bowl 57, an entirely different player took the headlines.

Despite him not playing in the game, all the talk was about Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin.

The NFL honored Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals in early January, prior to the start of the Super Bowl.

Hamlin, who turns 25 later this month, has only made a handful of public appearances since the terrifying event. But while most fans were happy to see him out and about, a former NFL star felt differently.

Enter seven-time Pro Bowler and former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson. Peterson was considered the best running back in the league for a number of years and is likely Hall of Fame bound But these days he’s more known for getting knocked out by Le’Veon Bell in a celebrity boxing match.

Peterson appeared to take no issue with Hamlin himself, but rather Hamlin’s jacket.

“You should be thanking God son! This is Blasphemy!! We all fall short but cmon man! I find this disrespectful!! #grateful #goddid,” he said in an Instagram post.

Peterson’s post appears to refer to the $3,600 Takashi Murakami jacket that Hamlin was wearing which depicts what could be considered religious material.

The second “Travis Jesus” jacket in blue, incorporates “SAINT YOUTH” patches stitched on the sleeves, crucifixion motifs on the back, Murakami-style Jesus artwork on the left chest, and “Without End or Beginning There is no Day and no Night” quote on the right. – via

Peterson is an avowed Christian who has regularly spoken publicly about his faith.

Fellow former NFL star running back Fred Taylor commented on Peterson’s post, proposing that the former Vikings star go about things differently.

“You should DM him bro…I’m sure he’s listen to your opinion. Posting it doesn’t help anyone. He’s young, young ppl don’t always think before they wear things just like people who wear skulls and other things that doesn’t align with Christian beliefs. Try to reach him,” Taylor said.

Most commenters appeared to agree.

Hamlin has not yet responded to Peterson and Peterson has not said whether he’ll reach out to the Bills star.