Pissed Off Moose Charges Snowboarders In Jackson Hole

Snowboarders have been getting harassed on ski mountains across the world since the very first day snowboarding came into being. Skiers have long hated snowboarders for crowding up the mountains and trashing the fresh powder. Locals have traditionally pushed back against the snowboarding culture from invading their quiet, peaceful mountain towns. But this is the first instance I’ve seen of the wildlife rebelling against the sport of snowboarding. By the way, there’s a YouTube version of the video below if the Instagram embed isn’t working for you.

A snowboarding bro by the name of Scott Askins captured this crazy footage of a moose charging him and a friend in Jackson Hole. This video was filmed a week ago, but the snow situation in Jackson Hole has been nuts since then with 15-inches of fresh powder dropping yesterday. The got so much snow that the ski mountain actually had to shut down to due to supposed 90mph winds that knocked out power to the entire resort and town. I’m guessing that power’s back up and running by the time I finish typing out this sentence, though.

As I mentioned above, here’s a YouTube version of that clip for those of you that prefer not to watch videos on Instagram:

Can you imagine if one of those bros wiped out while that moose was charging? That massive creature would’ve stomped the ever living shit out of them. Lights out.

[h/t GrindTV]