AJ Brown Says He Was Thinking About The Philadelphia Eagles Were Going To Lose The Super Bowl While They Were Still Winning

Philadelphia Eagles star AJ Brown

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

The Philadelphia Eagles spent most of Sunday’s Super Bowl seemingly in control of the game.

They led by as much as 10 points in the game and never trailed through the first 3 quarters.

Despite that, it seems that one of their biggest stars already thought there was a good chance the team would lose when they entered the 4th quarter.

Today, AJ Brown talked to the media about the game and revealed that he knew there was a chance they would lose after they settled for a field goal to go ahead 27-21 late in the 3rd quarter instead of being able to put 7 points on the board to once again extend their lead to 2 possessions.

When we went up 27-21, I knew deep down there was probably a chance we were going to lose.

After the Eagles settled for that field goal, the Chiefs had their first chance to take the lead since Harrison Butker missed a kick of his own in the 1st quarter.

They took full advantage, driving right down the field for a touchdown to take their first lead of the game at 28-27.

Brown definitely isn’t wrong about that field goal opening the door for the Chiefs to win the game. The Chiefs had some momentum heading into that drive after they had opened the 2nd half with a touchdown to cut the Eagles’ lead to 3 and only needed one more to take the lead after the field goal.

However, it’s a surprising thought to hear one of the stars of their offense admit to. Their offense had enough success in the game that many would have still expected them to be able to fight back if they behind by a point.

Their defense was also pretty highly regarded enough coming into the game that it would have been reasonable to expect them to be able to get a stop at some point in the second half.

Unfortunately for the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans, Brown ended up being right and Chiefs left Arizona with the Lombardi Trophy this year.