AJ McCarron Went SO DEEP To A.J. Green For His First Career NFL Touchdown Pass

AJ McCarron made his NFL quarterbacking debut Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers after starter Andy Dalton injured his thumb trying to make a tackle after a terrible INT. The former Alabama standout threw a 67-yard bomb for his first career NFL TD pass to none other than A.J. Green.

Although, maybe the latter A.J. played a litte more of a role in making the score happen, with this ridiculous “Get off me, Bro!” move, clowning two Pittsburgh Steelers in the process.

Despite the deep touchdown, the 10-2 Bengals trail the Steelers 13-7 at the time of writing, and if the midfield beef we saw during pregame coverage was any indication, these teams are coming hard at each other for all 60 minutes today.

[h/t MarcusD]