AJ Pierzynski Says His White Sox Teammate Pitched Drunk In The World Series

AJ Pierzynski throws out a first pitch.

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Former White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski dropped a bombshell in the MLB world about his old Chicago teammates. More specifically, pitcher Mark Buehrle.

Pierzynski said that the All-Star pitched drunk in the 2005 World Series. He also stated that many of his starting pitchers would drink in the dugout on gamedays.

The catcher appeared on his Foul Territory Show to talk baseball. In the conversation, the topic of players boozing was brought up. Pierzynski unloaded about the White Sox starting rotation, saying that many of the pitchers got drunk during games.

He did clarify that they did so on their days off.

“What else are you going to do for four hours?” Pierzynski asked. He’s got a point.

He then singled out left-handed starter Mark Buehrle, who he claims did get into a game “full drunk.” He ended up recording a save.


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“Starting pitchers, they used to drink during the games… I remember the 2005 White Sox, Mark Buehrle pitched in the World Series drunk. He came in and got a save. He was drunk. He was full drunk.

“You would see a guy in the dugout, and they’d have a cup, and there was usually an adult beverage in there. They were starting pitchers. They had no chance in the American League to get in the game. So, they were like, ‘Whatever.’ What else are you going to do for four hours sitting there?”

Baseball fans were quick to comment.

One fan wrote, “I’d hate to be him at their reunion party, bro just snitching on all of ’em.”

Another said, “Mark Buehrle’s PR guy is either heated or calling every beer company to get a sponsorship.”

This fan posted, “Mark Buehrle is forever GOATed,” while someone else commented, “I can’t believe he’s name dropping.”

Next time you see a starting pitcher with a cup on the bench, you can think back to this conversation.