Douchebag Alabama Fans Tell Clemson QB Deshaun Watson To Leave Tuscaloosa Bar

by 2 years ago

People in Alabama take their football a little too seriously.

Last night, Clemson QB Deshaun Watson, who led his team to a national championship victory over Alabama earlier in the year, was confronted by several Bama fans including two former players and told that he wasn’t welcome at a local Tusculoosa bar.

Watson took the high road and left the bar quietly without starting a scene.

The bar issued a statement condemning the actions of the patrons.

Over the years we have had thousands of visitors from rival schools and have always treated them fairly. Today was not any different. The unfolding of today’s events were not led by our staff or anyone employed by Innisfree Irish Pubs. Unfortunately, a customer attempted to invoke the right to refuse service on our behalf and after being identified was immediately asked to leave the premises following the incident. We apologize for any inconvenience this incident caused to our customers. We appreciate anyone that chooses to visit our establishment and hope to continue welcoming sports fans for years to come.”

God, Bama fans are the worst.

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