Alex Verdugo Couldn’t Stop Swearing On Air After His Walk-Off Hit

The Red Sox celebrate a walk off win over the Minnesota Twins.

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The Boston Red Sox won in exciting fashion on Tuesday, walking off the Twins in extra innings. The team rallied to complete a comeback victory in the 10th inning after falling behind, 4-2.

After the game, the hero of the night was interviewed for his game-winning hit. Unfortunately, Alex Verdugo couldn’t stop swearing on camera.

In his final at-bat, the catcher drilled a long single off the right field wall with two men on and the score tied.

At first, viewers weren’t sure if Verdugo had actually won the game. It appeared that his drive had actually sailed foul, giving him nothing but a long strike.

Even announcers in the booth were confused, though the crowd reaction quickly let them know that the ball had, in fact, landed in fair territory.

“A high fly down the right field line but that one towards the stands and a foul ball… Actually, a fair ball! The Red Sox are going to win the game!”

Following the confusion, a chaotic scene took over Fenway Park.

Teammates swarmed their backstop, celebrating with water bottle showers and emphatic bear hugs.

Alex Verdugo’s single capped an exciting win, completing the come-from-behind effort. The Red Sox scored three runs in the 10th inning to win, 5-4.

After the game, cameras found the man that hit the walk-off shot. They’d quickly regret their decision to interview him, though.

Verdugo couldn’t stop himself from dropping f-bombs on air. Not once, but twice as the Red Sox reporter had to remind him that they were filming live.

Fans online were quick to react.

One person said, “This is the most Boston thing I’ve ever seen.” Someone else wrote, “He will never be interviewed again.”

Jokes aside, it was a big night for the Sox, who’ve now won four of their last five contests. They’ll look to keep the momentum rolling in Game 2 of the series.