German Sprinter Alica Schmidt’s Pre-Race Warmup Goes Viral

German sprinter Alica Schmidt

Getty Image / Alexander Hassenstein

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. And German sprinter and hurdles specialist Alica Schmidt has previously been anointed the title of ‘world’s sexiest athlete’ by some.

Alica Schmidt has amassed an enormous following on social media. She has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram and over 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

This week was a pivotal moment in the Track and Field world, the world that has led to Alica Schmidt’s fame. It marked 500 days until the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, France.

To commemorate the ‘500 days until’ moment, the 24-year-old Sprinter from Worms, Germany posted a video of her getting ready for a race. That video immediately went viral with fans loving her pre-race warmup.

Her followers all chimed in with ‘fire’ emojis and hearts. Literally, there are thousands of those two emojis in her comments. I’d share some of the replies but you get the point.

German Sprinter Alica Schmidt’s Warmup Goes Viral

Shortly before posting that video above on Instagram, Alica Schmidt posted another video to TikTok.

The video’s automated caption reads “this is why I hate hurdle jumps” and her incredible athleticism is on display:

My knees just exploded thinking about jumping as high as she did on that final jump. So impressive.

On being named the ‘world’s sexiest athlete’…

Last year in October, the New York Post and the UK’s Sun started referring to Schmidt as ‘world’s sexiest athlete.’

She was later asked about that nickname. She told The Sun “I do not know why I got this title. Sport comes clearly first There are thousands of girls on Instagram who look good and still do not have as many fans.”

Whether or not it’s just a nickname is irrelevant when it comes to popularity. Her videos on Instagram regularly bring in thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of views.

This hurdles warmup requires more concentration and coordination than I have in my tank:

Always fixing her hair:

Sometimes, Alica Schmidt warms up next to the hurdles instead of going over them:

Alica Schmidt’s videos from inside the gym are also fan favorites. Her millions of followers are left awestruck by her workouts:

The 2023 German Indoor Championships were held in mid-February. She finished 4th in the 400 meters hurdles and 1st in the 4×200 Metres Relay.