Swiss Soccer Star Alisha Lehmann Shows Her Perfect Aim With Logan Paul In Viral Video

Alisha Lehmann

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Switzerland’s soccer sensation, Alisha Lehmann, is teaming up YouTuber, Logan Paul, in a viral video that’s shaking the internet like a soccer stadium during a penalty shootout.

The 24-year old Lehmann has already amassed a fan following that’s bigger than the Swiss Alps – with over 20 million followers on Instagram and TikTok.

When she’s not dazzling us with her footwork on the field, she’s scoring goals for Aston Villa.

Now, Alisha has taken her talent off the pitch to promote Logan Paul’s sports drink ‘Prime,’ a beverage that’s sponsored by both Logan and fellow YouTuber KSI.

In a video Lehmann kicks a ball indoors, sending it soaring over a goal net. But here’s the kicker (pun intended): she didn’t just hit the top of the goal net; she hit a bottle of Prime perched precariously on top of it, and she nailed it dead center.

The caption on Instagram said it all: “Alisha Lehmann is a Sniper.” To top it off, she triumphantly declared, “I won a Prime!” Now that’s what we call a winning shot!

Prime Drink is also working UFC, Arsenal, and others through partnership.

They’ve even recruited athletes like soccer star Erling Braut Haaland to their squad. They recently posted a viral video where Erling scored against both Logan and KSI simultaneously as part of the sports drink promotion.

It looks like this drink has scored a goal in the hearts of sports enthusiasts everywhere.