Andre Iguodala Is Still Praising LeBron James For His Iconic Game 7 Block On Him


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With less than two minutes left in a do-or-die NBA Finals Game 7 with the score knotted at 89, LeBron James came out of absolutely nowhere and took off from the middle of the paint to execute maybe the most iconic rejection in NBA history. Today, we refer to it as “The Block,” and without it, the Cavs likely would never have hoisted up the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first time in its 46-year history.

As a fan, it’s easy to be awed by the freakish athleticism, impeccable timing, and perfect body control utilized in that clutch play, but as the victim of the block, it may be easier to avoid the conversation like a kid with a cold sore in a blunt circle.

But, despite people constantly reminding him of the play, Andre Iguodala is at peace with it, claiming the truth: the best player in the world made a play that only the best player in the world can make.

“Believe me, I hear it all the time,” he said in an interview centered on “The Block.”

“If J.R. is not there, I’m dunking it. Well, I don’t know if I’m dunking, though, because I was about to die out there,” Iguodala said while busting out in laughter. “But I give him all respect. When he blocked it, I thought somebody got shot. I laugh about it all the time. People try to joke on me. I still get mentions all day from fans always talking about the block.

“I’m like, ‘Man, that s— was so dope to me, too.’ I was a fan. That s— was amazing. When he blocked it, I was like, ‘Damn, somebody got shot.’ I thought it was funny. Somebody just made a good play. What you want me to do? If you enjoy the game of basketball, you should just be like, ‘Dude made a great play. F— it.'”

“People don’t realize, somebody just made a great play. There’s nothing to change about somebody making a great play because I even thought I could have went off to the other side [of the rim], but [LeBron] was so high over the rim, he would have had both sides covered. I mean, I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. If somebody just makes a great play, you just give them respect for making a great play.”

Gotta give credit to Iguodala here for not making excuses and recognizing that LeBron is a fucking Transformer. Good on you, Andre.

[h/t ESPN, Uproxx]

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