Baseball Fans Are Torn Over Angel Hernandez’s Allegations That MLB Discriminates Against Minority Umps

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  • Major League Baseball umpire Angel Hernandez is currently in the process of suing the league.
  • Hernandez is alleging discriminatory practices by the MLB based on race
  • As of his initial filing, there had been just one minority crew chief in the MLB’s umpire ranks
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Angel Hernandez Made Some Drastic Allegations Against The MLB

Angel Hernandez is one of Major League Baseball’s most controversial umpires. The Major League veteran has been at the center of a number of controversies surrounding his calls and generally causes fans to roll their eyes when they see him behind home plate.

Now Hernandez is in the news for a different reason. After initially filing a discrimination claim against Major League Baseball in 2017 which was subsequently thrown out in 2021, Hernandez is now appealing the case.

With that appeal comes the allegation that Major League Baseball manipulated its internal umpiring metrics to disadvantage minorities. That report comes via Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic.

Hernandez’s allegations have come under close scrutiny from the online baseball community, which is balancing its distaste from Hernandez with its investigation into the validity of his claims.

Twitter Is Split On Angel Hernandez’s Latest Claim

It’s true that Hernandez is disliked among the majority of the MLB Twitter community. Though the same community has continually called for MLB to diversify its personnel. That leaves some feeling very conflicted.

It’s clear that while Hernandez’s claims could well prove true, he’s at best a flawed messenger.

Hernandez doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. He’s now in his 31st year as a Major League Baseball umpire.