Angry Hecklers Threw Drinks At A Clubbing Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel’s on-field performance as a pro has been fairly lackluster. Off the field, however, he’s been everything everyone expected and more.

His latest bit of high-profile party shenanigans happened Sunday night at Houston nightclub Dekan, where not everyone was enamored with his presence.

Fed up with hecklers, Manziel reportedly flipped off his haters. Then the drinks started flying.

We spoke with J.R. from Sticky Promotions — who was with Johnny that night — and he tells us people were shouting at Manziel and aggressively trying to take pics.

“I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there,” J.R. says.

We’re told Johnny and some members of his crew were splashed with drinks — so they went back to their hotel room to change.

J.R. says he spoke with club security — who told him the drink-throwers were booted from the joint — so Johnny and his posse decided to return to the club.

Man. This guy can’t catch a break. If it’s not a fan loving him too much, it’s a bunch of them loving him too little. And it’s not like he’s bringing any of this upon himself. This is a guy who quietly goes about his business and keeps to himself. He’s not one of those people constantly posting wild things on social media or shirking his job responsibilities or anything.

SMDH at this unfair world.

[H/T: TMZ]