Annie Agar Goes Scorched Earth On Overpaid QBs In ‘Week 1 NFL Teams Meeting’

NFL correspondent Annie Agar

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NFL correspondent Annie Agar has amassed a huge social media following with her ‘NFL Meeting’ videos where she puts on a shirt for each team and acts out a script of that week’s action.

Agar, a Packers fan, almost certainly had to toss out the Week 1 script after Monday Night Football saw Aaron Rodgers out for season after just 4 plays but somehow the Jets managed to beat the Bills who are expected to contend for the Super Bowl.

Annie Agar‘s ‘NFL Meeting Week 1’ video could have taken many directions after MNF but she kicked it off with the perfect amount of haterade added to the gumbo by going scorched earth on overpaid quarterbacks. She immediately called out Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Daniel Jones (who is just happy to be mentioned). These four QBs make a combined $950 million but only put up 1 touchdown in Week 1.

Also available to watch on Instagram if preferred over TikTok:

Agar has a true gift for being able to roast teams when when she’s being complimentary. The Browns show up with a smile on their face that has nothing to do with beating the Bengals and everything to do with finally making a routine field goal. Kicking FGs has plagued that organization but Dustin Hopkins was 3-for-3 and 1-of-1 on XP in the game, a miracle in Cleveland.

Later in the video, Annie busts out ‘Packers fans are going to be unbearable this week but Bears fans were the entire offseason.’ It’s incredible how quickly the narrative can flip in just one week. Bears fans were ready to march to the Super Bowl until Jordan Love went off and Justin Fields looked the same as last year.

There’s something about her ability to string together a series of one-liners into a cohesive story each week that makes these videos so successful on social media.

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