Anonymous Sources Are Coming After Kyler Murray To Call Him Out For Having Terrible ‘Leadership Skills’ And Not Understanding Basic Football Concepts

Anonymous sources are taking shots at Kyler Murray

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The NFL draft is almost here which means it’s time for the anonymous sources to come of the woodwork to bash the NFL’s elite prospects.

Today NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly says that he spoke to several teams and that they were left unimpressed by Kyler Murray’s leadership skills coming out of the combine.

Teams were reportedly “not impressed” with Murray’s “study habits”, “board work” and “understanding of football concepts”.

There’s a lot of back and forth between media members on whether the reports of the Cardinals having already decided to draft Murray #1 overall are true or not.

Murray is definitely a first round pick but we’ll see if the Cardinals eventually draft him #1 overall.

Update: Apparently Murray “interviewed” well with the Arizona Cardinals.