Anthony Davis’ Opinion As To Why LeBron James Shouldn’t Have Been Suspended Makes Zero Sense

anthony davis opinion lebron james suspension reaction

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  • Anthony Davis shared his unique opinion about LeBron James being suspended by the league.
  • Somehow, AD was surprised that the league suspended LeBron.
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LeBron James was handed a one-game suspension by the NBA after hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face during the Lakers’ win over the Piston on Sunday night. While James had never faced suspension previously in his career, most logical fans assumed he would be forced to miss at least one game after leaving Stewart a bloody mess.

Anthony Davis didn’t see it that way, however. He didn’t think his teammate deserved any sort of suspension.

It’s completely fine that Davis has that opinion and that he’s sticking up for a teammate, but the reasoning he shared as to why James didn’t deserve a suspension was beyond absurd.

Davis doesn’t seem to think that James’ shot to the head was the cause of the suspension, but somehow Stewart’s reaction got James suspended. As I said, absurd.

“I was surprised, I didn’t think he was going to get suspended, I don’t think anyone thought he was going to be suspended,” Davis told the media after the Lakers’ loss to the Knicks.

“The report came out and said his hit to the face caused the incident, which is weird because he can’t control how a guy is going to react. Guys get hit in the face all the time.”

Davis is right in saying that guys get hit in the face all the time, but they don’t take shots anywhere close to the one James landed on Stewart “all the time.” His opinion here makes zero sense at all.

The league called James’ hit on Stewart “reckless,” which is a good way to put it. Whether or not it was intentional, it was still vicious and resulted in a bench-clearing scuffle.