Antonio Brown’s Agent Drew Rosenhaus ‘Conditionally’ Terminates Relationship With Troubled Wide Receiver, Urges Him To Seek Psychiatric Help

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Antonio Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus has conditionally terminated his relationship with the troubled wide receiver.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Rosenhaus would like to continue working with Brown but not until he seems psychiatric help first.

According to Mike Florio of , Brown has five days to seek medical help or else he’s terminating his relationship with him.

Per an NFLPA source, agent Drew Rosenhaus has informed Brown in writing that the relationship between the two men has been terminated, conditionally. The letter, per the source, explains that Rosenhaus will rescind the termination if Brown secures appropriate counseling within the next five days.

No termination of a client-agent relationship becomes official under NFLPA rules until a five-day waiting period has elapsed after the letter initiating the separation.

The goal, according to the source, is to persuade Brown to get the help he needs. If he doesn’t, he’ll have to find a new agent — and perhaps that agent will be able to help him through a stream of issues and challenges culminating in the recent incident with the mother of one or more of his children and Hollywood, Florida police.

Rosenhaus’ statement comes a few days after the Hollywood police department blasted Brown for berating them and throwing a “bag of dicks’ at his baby mama Chelsie Kryiss during a domestic dispute last week.

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Hollywood police said this is the third domestic incident involving Brown in their city in the past three months and they’re tired of it. They’re so tired of it that they told Brown he’s no longer welcome as a benefactor and volunteer with the PAL youth football team.

“These incidents have caused an irreparable rift between the Police Department and PAL and Mr. Brown,” police spokesperson Christian Lata wrote in a statement.

He added, “We did not want our youth to be subject to this type of behavior nor emulate the actions of Mr. Brown.”

The video posted online Monday appeared to be the final straw in the relationship.

“Mr. Brown was very rude and disrespectful,” Lata wrote. “He used very degrading language in front of his young children.”

The police department said they gave Brown back the money he donated to the league.

“We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization,” Lata wrote.

Police said they attempted to have a conversation with Brown but efforts were unsuccessful.

Hopefully Brown gets help because his behavior has been bizarre since leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers last year.