Antonio Brown Will Have Jose Fernandez And Kimbo Slice On His Cleats For This Sunday’s Game At Miami

I have three thoughts here.

First of all, these cleats are straight fire. I went to The U and I hated every Miami team while I lived there aside from the Hurricanes, but even I can’t deny how hot these are. Hats off to the chef. Or, in this case, the guy who painted them.

Second, is Antonio Brown putting himself before the team with all the cleats and celebrations recently? I heard a commentator saying that last week on TV, and he might have a point. But fuck it, right? The team is going to win or lose no matter what. Well, except for when he get’s 15-yard penalties for twerking, that actually can impact the outcome of the game.

Third, and quite possibly my best thought, is anyone else noticing how Antonio Brown is Shooter McGavin-ing the Dolphins. If you’ll recall…

Coming into Miami’s house and dedicating his feet to two of Miami’s finest. Classic McGavin move.