Antonio Brown’s Lawyer Goes On Wild Twitter Rant, Exposes Buccaneers For Alleged Mistreatment

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  • Antonio Brown’s lawyer is weighing-in on his client’s situation.
  • He is claiming that the team intentionally sabotaged Brown and fired him for not attending a doctor’s appointment that was being rescheduled.
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially released Antonio Brown over his refusal to cooperate with the team’s attempts to have him seen by a doctor for his ankle injury. However, on Sunday morning, Brown’s attorney disputed those claims in a targeted Twitter rant.

Sean Burstyn, who is currently representing the 33-year-old wide receiver, accused the Buccaneers of intentionally sabotaging his client. He shared the “official” reason that Brown was cut from Tampa Bay.

Let’s break it down:

In his rant, Burstyn claimed that the team “engineered” a “bogus scheme” to terminate his client’s contract.

According to litigator and former federal judicial law clerk in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the Bucs intentionally scheduled a doctor’s appointment that they knew Brown would miss.

Despite his client’s effort to reschedule, he says, the team used the appointment as an excuse to fire Brown.

He then accused Tampa Bay of intentionally trying to move the narrative beyond Arians’ “degrading, inhuman, abusive, and unlawful” on-field termination of Brown.

To wrapt things up, Burstyn claims that the Buccaneers are using Brown’s past to wiggle their way out of the “jam they put themselves in.”

To summarize, here is what Burstyn is claiming:

Time will tell if Burstyn’s truth is reality.