Antonio Brown Hits Nike With The ‘You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit’, Announces Upcoming Practice Schedule

by 4 weeks ago
Another Person May Be Filing Charges Against Antonio Brown Report

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Another day, another string of genuinely nonsensical tweets from Antonio Brown.

Despite the fact that Nike dropped Antonio Brown last week amid his ongoing sexual assault lawsuit, Brown felt the need to remind everyone that he was fired from his likely very lucrative endorsement deal with the athletic giant, tweeting “No more Nikes.”

Hitting them with ye ole “you can’t fire me because I quit!”, huh AB? As the saying goes, that’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays for ’em.

Not only did AB take to Twitter to renounce Nike a week after they already dropped him, but he announced his upcoming public practice schedule, saying, and I quote:

“Next week I’m going to practice at every high school one day of week starting in miami send info now.”

Central Michigan University professors, I hope you’re sharpening your minds and preparing your patience as we speak because you’ve got a real uphill battle on your hands if Brown ever makes his way back to the Midwest for his 8:20 a.m. lecture.

There’s been a lot said about what’s caused Brown’s massive fall for grace, and while I’m nowhere near qualified enough to speak on potential symptoms of degenerative brain disease (cough CTE cough cough), I will say that there is one that Brown clearly suffers from and that’s arrogance. Only an arrogant person can so blissfully self-sabotage themselves out of three highly-lucrative contracts (Raiders, Patriots, Nike) and act like they’re still king of the castle.

At this rate, it’s likely only a matter of time until AB tries to pull a George Costanza and shows up to the Pittsburgh Steelers practice facility trying to act like nothing has happened and that the last two years were nothing more than a distant dream.


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