The Antonio Brown Stand-Off With Police Has Finally Come To An End

Antonio Brown

Getty Image / Barry Brecheisen

As we’re all aware, Antonio Brown was in a stand-off with police for quite some time. 20 days to be exact.

Well, it’s finally come to an end after reports came out that the accuser wanted to drop charges.

According to Josh Cascio, that drop charge request is finalized. For that reason, police have recalled the arrest warrant. So, it turns out that all of this was for naught, as Antonio Brown is free to come and go from his house once again.

This was just a bizarre situation all around. Who knew you could just simply stay in your house and wait out an arrest warrant? Police were baffled at how long Antonio Brown was able to remain indoors. Especially considering they claim to have never seen any groceries or other food deliveries brought inside.

We have to admit, the quietness was nice while it lasted. With Antonio Brown able to roam the streets again, there’s no telling what will happen next. With him cooped up in his house for nearly three weeks, Brown has to be looking for something to do.

With that in mind, look out for any possible Antonio Brown news that may surface. Whether he talks about another NFL comeback, drops a new rap song, or anything else in between. Or maybe, Brown finally stays out of the limelight for once.