Antonio Brown Standoff: Day 18 – His Accuser Reportedly Wants To Drop The Charges

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On December 1, an arrest warrant was issued for former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown was charged with domestic violence after allegedly violently threatening the mother of four of his children.

Antonio Brown then locked himself in his accuser’s home after unlawfully kicking her out. He has refused to leave since, temporarily halting any attempt by police to arrest him.

Last week, it was reported by League of Justice that “the arrest warrant police possess is not a search warrant so they say they have no authority to enter Brown’s private property.”

The only way police will try to enter the home is if they feel he is a danger to himself or others.

Police say they have no idea how Antonio Brown is getting enough food to eat since as of last week there had been no deliveries to the home.

Interestingly, a earlier report by WFLA News about the bizarre situation has largely gone unnoticed.

The station reported that they have seen documents that show the woman who initially accused Antonio Brown of domestic violence wants the charges against him to be dropped.

The documents state in part, “I am in sound mind, competent to handle my ‘affairs,’” and add that “The arrest warrant is frivolous, demeaning, prejudicial, unconstitutional, belligerent and combative.”

Tony Duran is a criminal defense attorney with the Tison law group who has also worked as a prosecutor. After reviewing the documents presented to WFLA at the Brown home, Duran was not impressed.

“This seems like a sovereign citizen-type document. It looks like it’s supposed to be an affidavit, but I can’t tell, it doesn’t appear to be prepared by a lawyer, at least not somebody who practices in Florida,” Duran said. “So, I don’t know where they got this but if I had to guess they got this off of the internet.”

“The state attorney’s office does not have to honor their wishes,” he added, and apparently, since we are now at day 18, they aren’t.

WFLA News, in a separate, more recent report, states, “Hillsborough County Jail records indicate the warrant is still active, the charge has not been dropped and Brown has not been arrested.”

So the weird Antonio Brown saga will continue.


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