Antonio Brown Responds To His Recent Arrest Warrant

Antonio Brown

Getty Image / Shareif Ziyadat

Antonio Brown recently was issued an arrest warrant for allegedly not paying child support.

Now, the former NFL superstar responds to the reports regarding his warrant.

According to Sports Illustrated, Brown claims he has “cleared up his outstanding debts.” Here is his full response.

“Yeah well first off, anytime you say a guy own a team, there’s going to be some garnish in the wages, but let’s get this clear, I paid my bills, I’m a professional. It’s about running the Empire and running the business. We don’t need negativity on my name. It’s bigger than me.”

According to the initial report from TMZ, Antonio Brown was issued an arrest warrant for allegedly owing $30,000.

Even so, it appears Antonio Brown believes he’s fully paid up on all of his “bills.” It’s unclear if he’s including the child support in question.

However, Antonio Brown claims, “he’s now all paid up on his child support.” The former superstar wide receiver posted an image on his Instagram to prove he’s paid “$33,260.58 to Florida Child Support.”

So, maybe he’s all cleared up now. If that’s the case, then Brown can put this situation behind him and move on.

Antonio Brown has recently been involved in a string of incidents with the law. All while becoming a part owner of the “Albany Empire in the National Arena League.”

With that said, hopefully, Brown can move on and stay out of trouble.