Former NFL Running Back Arian Foster Gets Ripped On Twitter For His Hot Take About Tupac’s Music

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Arian Foster, a former NFL running back who had some Pro Bowl seasons with the Houston Texans before finishing his career with the Miami Dolphins in 2016, may have been a popular player for your fantasy team a few years ago, but the dude’s opinion on legendary rapper Tupac definitely didn’t seem to be too popular — if Twitter is any indication. And, after trashing Tupac’s music in a recent interview, Foster’s getting absolutely ripped by people on social media.

It all started with a simple little interview with Van Lathan’s Red Pill podcast, where Arian Foster — who has since focused on his own rap career since ending his NFL career — proclaimed that Tupac’s music “is not that deep.” Uh, what? If the only song anyone’s ever listened to of the slain rapper’s is “Changes,” it’s pretty obvious that Tupac rapped about deeper issues than, say, something like “Make ‘Em Say Uh,” by Master P. Take a look at the clip from Foster’s appearance on Lathan’s show below.

After saying such an unpopular thing, it was as if the dogs were let loose on Twitter, because people had lots to say back to Arian Foster, with so many throwing shots at the former NFL running back. Take a look at what some of the things people were saying.

Arian Foster can have his opinion and all, but, damn, it might be best to keep this one about Tupac to himself, because nobody enjoys seeing the wrath of social media attack. I’ve tried to find any possible reason to understand Foster’s side on this, but, unfortunately, the dude may be on his own island on this one — because nobody seems to agree with the former running back.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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