Alabama Fan’s Anti-Auburn Shirt Ignores All the Rules of ‘Wheel of Fortune’

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I am not going to make a pithy comment about the quality of education one receives at the University of Alabama. That would be a cheap — and inaccurate — dig. Outside of the inexplicable inclusion of Forrest Gump, the school has a fine academic tradition any student would be lucky to join.

It’s just the pesky matter of football and its tendency to turn everyone in the state into a bumbling idiot.

The latest example comes courtesy of this Wheel of Fortune-inspired shirt trolling rival Auburn.

It’s clearly the brainchild of someone with a tenuous understanding of the game show’s rules.

You can’t buy individual vowels, Bro! They’re a package deal. Kind of like Nick Saban and Oatmeal Creme Pies.

[Via SB Nation]

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