Former Auburn Football Player Bails Out Wife That Allegedly Tried To Have Him Killed

An Auburn Tigers logo on a football.

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An interesting story broke in the Bahamas last week when Lindsay Shiver, a former Auburn cheerleader, was arrested in the murder plot of her husband, Robert.

Robert Shiver was a Tigers football player between 2006 and 2008.

Over the weekend, Lindsay, 36, was charged with putting a hit out on her now estranged husband after he filed for divorce. That decision came after Robert discovered his wife’s affair with a 28-year-old man named Terrance Bethel.

Not only was Bethel her lover, but he was also Lindsay’s partner in crime. The two plotted to have Robert killed along with another man, but their plan was foiled when police, somewhat accidentally, stumbled across the murder attempt.

While investigating an unrelated break-in at a Bahamian bar and grill, authorities searched the phone of a suspect. Texts laid out the details of the plan, though it wasn’t made clear which of the three was being investigated in the restaurant robbery.

Shiver, Bethel, and Faron Newbold were arrested and transported to Nassau.

Now, it’s being reported that Robert Shiver, the man who was the target of the murder plot, has bailed his wife out of jail.

The Bahamas Court News reports that “Georgia mom Lindsay Shiver and her two alleged conspirators were granted emergency bail on Tuesday – thanks to their alleged target.”

The report also states that Lindsay’s cash bail came in at $100,000 while the two men in the plot were granted $20,000 bail.

While she is no longer in jail, Shiver will have to remain in the Bahamas while wearing an ankle bracelet until her October 5th court appearance.

It says a lot of Robert Shiver to bail out his would-be murderers, though maybe he has some sympathy for the mother of his three children.

He’s reportedly asking the courts for full custody and to retain a $2.5 million mansion the couple shared.