Austin Reaves Is About To Get PAID With New Signature Shoe Deal

Austin Reaves Los Angeles Lakers

Getty Image / Harry How

The magical run for Austin Reaves continues. He went from being undrafted to playing an integral role on the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

Now, after only earning $1,563,518 in the 2022-23 season, Austin Reaves is about to see a large financial windfall due to a signature shoe deal.

Speaking with NBA insider Shams Charania, Austin Reaves revealed that he’s entered a signature shoe deal with Chinese company Rigorer. Shams reveals that the signature sneaker deal for the former University of Oklahoma star is expected to pay him over 7 figures a year, or likely more than he’s making at the moment from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Austin Reaves currently has no contract in place for the 2023-24 season with the Lakers. Should they seek to re-sign Austin, the Lakers will have to make a minimum qualifying offer of $2,189,698. Complicating matters is the Lakers’ need to re-sign LeBron James.

It remains to be seen what the Austin Reaves shoe will look like but a perusal of Google Images for sneakers made by the Chinese company Rigorer reveals they have some fresh designs.

They incorporate a lot of light colors into their designs (whites, pinks, blues). Which could play well alongside the Los Angeles Lakers’ uniforms.

In the Twitter replies, many joked about Austin Reaves headed to play basketball in China after signing a shoe deal with a Chinese company. Others, however, commended him for taking the bag and getting paid.

Reaves averaged 13 points/game during the NBA’s regular season. He elevated his game and averaged nearly 17 points/game in the postseason. It sure seems like another pay day is coming his way.