Young Autistic Girl Gets Asked To Prom By Her Favorite Wrestler And I Was Hoping This Had A Different Ending

Here’s the backstory regarding young Amanda and her favorite wrestler, independent wrestler and heartthrob, Ace Perry.

Amanda is an autistic wrestling fan that comes to every IWA Mid-South show. Not just IWAMS, but she tries to go to every wrestling show that the area has, from the WWE to the smaller indie companies. She’s always cheering on her favorites and reassuring those she dislikes of exactly what she thinks (yours truly, being one of them). Away from the ring, she has a true appreciation for everyone that entertains her, and has respect for everybody that works on every show.

One of her favorite wrestlers, over the past year, has been the handsome young buck, Ace Perry. Perry has had one hell of a year, facing off against every tier from the legendary Pat Tanaka to the ruthless Jimmy Jacobs. Last Thursday, after a grueling match against Jacobs, Ace grabbed the microphone and had a very important question for Amanda. Believe me when I say, there weren’t many dry eyes in the arena, as this was truly a special moment. What an amazing gift for such a sweet girl.

Here’s Amanda’s big moment with Ace.

It’s a really sweet story with a textbook finish. But…as a wrestling fan, I was really hoping for something more. Here’s how I see it– Ace asks Amanda to prom and she’s ecstatic. She says yes, crowd goes nuts and Ace hugs her to the delight of the twenty people in attendance. He raises her hand in “victory”, turns to take his cheers from the crowd and WHAM! Amanda nails him with a steel chair.

[Cue TV announcer Jim Ross who just happens to be working the event]

“What? She can’t. What’s she doing? Is she taking off her t-shirt. No it can’t be. By gawd it can’t be!”

And Amanda is wearing the t-shirt of Ace’s biggest rival, who’s name I have no idea about, but you see where this is going. Nuclear heat on the guy. They ride the momentum into the next show which will be sold out! Easily forty people packing the house.

You’re welcome, wrestling fans.

[H/T: With Spandex]