This Is The Workout You NEED To Be Doing To Get A Big, Mother F’n Back

by 2 years ago

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I’ve touched before on why building a big back matters for more ways than one, but let’s just say that it’s by far and away one of the most important body parts that you could spend your time focusing on.

It signifies strength, it aesthetically transforms your entire physique, and it helps give you that classic v-taper look that so bros covet.

Hell, I could go as far as to say that helping bros build serious back strength and size is one of my missions in life.

But how do you build a big back? That’s a question that a lot of bros run into, and for good reason. You see, when it comes to building a big back, the answer may be simple. But it isn’t easy.

The back is a huge collection of muscles. There are massive muscle groups like the lats, as well as a collection of smaller muscles like the rhomboids, teres major and minor, supraspinatus, etc.

All of these muscles are used to working, and working often. Which means that they’ve got an extremely high threshold for fatigue. The back is used to taking on a ton of volume, so it’s typically not going to respond well if you’re just training in once per week. Even if that session is high volume.

Instead you need to be hitting the back 2-3 times per week with relatively heavy weights, a ton of volume, and basic movements. That’s what your back is going to respond to best.

Luckily I’ve got the perfect back workout for you to try.

  • Barbell row – 5×10

*Be sure you allow yourself to get a full stretch here, and initiate the movement by pinching your shoulder blades together. Perform 5 total sets, resting 90 seconds between each set and then move on.

  • Neutral grip lat pulldown – 5×12

*I love the neutral grip pulldown because it helps get a bigger stretch in the lats, leading to more growth. Be sure your torso stays upright here. Perform 5 total sets, resting 90 seconds between each set and then move on.

  • Single arm dumbbell row – 4×8

*The dumbbell row is one of the classic back building exercises, but a lot of people get it wrong by not allowing their shoulder blade to fully protract at the bottom of the movement, robbing them of a good lat stretch. Allow that to happen, and think about pulling the dumbbell towards your belly button for a better squeeze. Perform 4 total sets, resting 60 seconds between each set and then move on.

  • Snatch grip row – 4×10

*I’ve written about my love of the snatch grip row before, so I’ll save you. You’ll need to go lighter here, and don’t be afraid to use straps since your grip strength will limit you. Perform 4 total rounds, resting 60 seconds between each round and then move on.

  • E1. Dumbbell pullover – 3×12

*The pullover is a mix of a chest/back exercise, but it works well at getting a complete lat stretch and contraction, which is part of the reason I love to throw it in at the end of a back day.

  • E2. Band pull apart – 3×15

*Typically thought of as a rear delt exercise, and for good reason, the pull apart can still work well at hitting the rhomboids and smaller muscles in the upper back. This is a superset, so once you finish pullovers go straight to band pull aparts, then rest 60 seconds and repeat.

For the next 6 weeks start incorporating this back workout twice a week, roughly about 3 days apart. Not only will you see that you get an insane back pump, but you’ll notice your clothes starting to fit tighter and that you’ll look bigger overall. Enjoy it bros.

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